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Task 08 👨🏻💻
Object Recognition using CNN model

Task Description 📄

📌 In this task :
👉Create a model that will detect a car in a live stream or video and recognize characters on number plate of the car .
👉Secondly , it will use the characters and fetch the…



Hello Everyone!!😄
Team Task 9 Completed!!🥳
Task Description 📄
📌 In continuation of task 7.1 you need to Integrate Kubernetes commands that can be run through webUI created by you.

Feature necessary -
👉 It can launch pods with specific name given by user.
👉 Run deployment using image and name given by user.
👉 Expose services on given user input port number.
👉 Scale the replica according to user need.
👉 Delete complete environment created.
👉 Delete specific resources given by user.
👉 Extra features related to k8s ( Optional)

Github: https://github.com/Mahima-gi/Kubernetes_flask_webUI.git



🎉 Team Task — 4 Summer Program 2021 at LinuxWorld Informatics Pvt Ltd under the mentorship of Vimal Daga Sir.

Hello connections

I have tried to do some manipulation on the images using the OpenCV library of python along with my teammates. Below is the github link

Github link: https://github.com/Mahima-gi/opencv-project.git

Task Description: 📄

📌 Creating an image using Python Code

📌 Taking two images and cropping some parts of both images and swapping them.

📌 Taking two images and combining them to form a single image like a collage.



→Launch a container on docker in GUI mode

→Run any GUI software on the container

Step-1:Creating a docker file

Step-2:Building a Docker Image using Dockerfile

Step-3:Enabling Few things

Checking our Default value of Environment variable, and Enabling Xhost for all the users.

Step-4:Finally running the command

Step-5:Now we can see…